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Because images are by l2whdb beware of this:
Hi !

If you are reading this, you must be a L2 fan and/or a L2 site Webmaster .

Please, please continue reading this document, some very important informations will follow.

First of all, this db is the result of a year of hard work.
You are allowed to use it freely, as long as you follow the following rules:

1: You must clearly state that you use L2WHdb (http://www.l2wh.com) on the main page of your site.

2: You must not charge anything to users to access the db.

3: You must not distribute this db, if someone wants a copy, redirect him or her here.

If you are okay with these 3 rules, then you can continue,
otherwise you can delete all the stuff and do your own database .

Download the latest database: here.

You can also download old databases here.